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Can I invest in cryptocurrencies at Fidelity?

Currently individuals cannot invest in cryptocurrencies at Fidelity.

If you have a Coinbase wallet you can add it to Fidelity and view your balances. You can only view your balances and will not be able to buy or sell. You can learn more by watching this brief video, Digital Asset Wallet Test on Fidelity.com.

Separately, Fidelity has launched a company that is helping to build the foundation needed across the industry to advance this market. Fidelity Digital Assets provides solutions exclusively to family offices, hedge funds and other institutional investors. Click here to learn more about the limited Fidelity Digital Assets offering.

Learn about Fidelity's growth in a technology dominated industry here.

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  4. Reuters — 01/16/20
    U.S. virtual currency firm Gemini Trust Company announced on Thursday that it has launched its own insurance unit to boost coverage against theft of crypto assets. Gemini's ...
  5. Reuters — 01/15/20
    Voyager Digital: * VOYAGER DIGITAL DIVERSIFIES CRYPTO PLATFORM BY LISTING THREE STABLECOINS Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
  6. Reuters — 12/19/19
    * 'Halving,' expected in May, to cut new bitcoin supply by 50% * Arcane rule written into underlying code by Satoshi Nakamoto. * Occurs every four years, previous two preceded ...
  7. Reuters — 12/16/19
    Lawyers representing users of the Canadian digital platform QuadrigaCX have asked police to exhume the body of its founder, whose sudden death last year trapped millions of ...
  8. MarketWatch — 01/18/20
    Bitcoin prices are up more than 20% this year. Quick, which asset performed better: a basket of stocks tracking the S&P 500 index or the price of bitcoin? You would be wrong if ...
  9. Reuters — 12/10/19
    * Miners look to hedge swings in computer power. * Startups developing derivative products. * Market at early stage but expected to grow. * Could accelerate investment in ...
  10. Reuters — 12/11/19
    New York State's financial regulator on Wednesday proposed a plan that would allow licensed virtual currency firms that have already received approval for coin listings to ...
  11. MarketWatch — 01/16/20
    Critical information for the U.S. trading day. Does that mean we can now start wringing our hands over phase two? While a re-escalation in U.S.-China tensions is always possible, ...
  12. MarketWatch — 01/16/20
    Donald Trump's tweets are influencing traders with the majority changing their strategies according to the President's posts, a survey has revealed. A trading survey by the Swiss ...
  13. Reuters — 12/23/19
    The 21st century's teen years, bookended by a financial crisis at the start and the fintech revolution at the end, were a decade of disruption. 1/FAANG-TASTIC FIVE. If they were a ...

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