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Can I invest in cryptocurrencies at Fidelity?

Currently individuals cannot invest in cryptocurrencies at Fidelity.

If you have a Coinbase wallet you can add it to Fidelity and view your balances. You can only view your balances and will not be able to buy or sell. You can learn more by watching this brief video, Digital Asset Wallet Test on Fidelity.com.

Separately, Fidelity has launched a company that is helping to build the foundation needed across the industry to advance this market. Fidelity Digital Assets provides solutions exclusively to family offices, hedge funds and other institutional investors. Click here to learn more about the limited Fidelity Digital Assets offering.

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  3. News Results

  4. MarketWatch — 07/12/19
    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are having a tough time finding love in Washington. President Donald Trump went after digital currencies, and professed his passion for the U.S. ...
  5. Reuters — 07/11/19
  6. Reuters — 07/11/19
    Bitcoin dipped almost 8% on Thursday, extending losses the day after U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell called for a halt to Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency project until ...
  7. MT Newswires — 07/03/19
    The UK's market regulator has started a consultation to ban the sale, marketing, and distribution of derivatives and exchange-traded notes referencing crypto assets to all ...
  8. Reuters — 07/03/19
    Britain's markets watchdog said on Wednesday it was proposing to ban the sale of derivatives based on crypto-assets to retail consumers. "The Financial Conduct Authority ...
  9. MarketWatch — 06/27/19
    Tesla may have its share of haters, with short-sellers continuing to pile into the stock, but when it comes to the crypto community, Elon Musk's still the man. According to ...
  10. MarketWatch — 07/12/19
    The stock market's flip side: 15 have plunged at least 75%. Crypto critic: Trump says he's not a' fan' of bitcoin or Facebook's libra. That is the view from U.S.
  11. MarketWatch — 06/27/19
    The SEC suit against cryptocurrency hopeful Kik adds to already considerable regulatory uncertainty for tokens. A bold plan to launch a new cryptocurrency by Facebook (FB.NaE) and ...
  12. MarketWatch — 07/12/19
    Our call of the day comes from a money manager who says he got out of stocks and bonds in early July, and why investors should follow suit. Crypto critic: Trump says he's ...
  13. Reuters — 06/26/19
    * New big tech players enter payments market. * Euro zone scheme for instant payments has 60% coverage. * Clearing and settlement mechanisms remain fragmented. By Francesco ...

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